Juniors ACT

Juniors ACT

Spring2023 ACT Testing Week Overview 3/7-3/10

·       Tuesday, March 7, 2023

HOLD ALL STUDENTS in cafeteria/gym

Wait for dismissal in the followingorder:

·        11thGrade- will be sent first to testing rooms in thescience/math wing (rooms listed below) All rooms in wing will be blocked off. Room assignments will be sent to teachers to share with students who will be testing. 

(Teachersfrom this wing who are not administering the ACT or assigned other dutiesduring testing may use an empty room in overflow rooms (41, 42,45, 245, 46, 47,60) to hold classes with Freshmen as needed.)

·        9th Grade- will be sent to classes as usual in Freshmanwing. *Rooms 41 (M. Wiggins), 42 (M. Ward), and 60 (J. Monhollen) will be theoverflow rooms for freshmen who have classes outside the freshman wing. Rooms45, 245, 46, 47 will be empty and can be used as needed as well. This wing will be closed off until ACT testing is complete for the day. 

·        10th Grade- ACT Prep Course (Mrs. Fields & Mrs. Teske are supervising. Please see one of them for room assignments.)

***Seniors will not be inthe building-Independent Study day for Seniors


**Turn off bells** No announcements.


1st lunch --- normal time

9th Grade-regular schedule

2nd lunch – normal time

10th Grade students go back to the room they were in before lunch.

3rd lunch – after all tests are complete and turned in

11th Grade students return to testing rooms following their lunch.


The following days may be needed for small group multiple day testing:


·        Wednesday, March 8,2023

**Turn off bells** No announcements.

Small groups will betesting in portable building rooms (or in library if needed). All otherstudents go to classes as usual. 


·        Thursday, March 9,2023 (if needed)

**Turn off bells** No announcements.


·        Friday, March 10,2023 (if needed)

**Turn off bells** No announcements.

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