Cleveland State Community College Math Courses

Hello All,
I hope this email finds you and yours well!!!
After the decision to close Cleveland State Community College to all on-campus classes and talking to most of you, I have decided to go this route to finish our dual-enrollment students:
#1)  Students must finish all homework assignments (all the way through Module 10, with 90% or better on all!!!).
After  #1 is COMPLETED,
#2)  Email me at and include the following:
      Student Name, Course Name, School and Module Quiz number and Integrity Statement (SEE BELOW).  Once I receive the email, I will open the Quiz and they can take it unlimited times (they have to do the practice problems after the first attempt, per usual).until they get an 80% or better.
#3) The final will be completed the same way as #2
The Integrity Statement below will be handwritten by the student and sent in the email (see #2):
I,______________________(name), CLEARLY UNDERSTAND correct testing procedures and will follow them on _____________(quiz# or final exam).  

If students need help, have them either contact you or email me their contact info and I will call them back and help them over the phone (I have gotten pretty good at this over the years).  When you send out the email to the students, make sure to cut and paste the Integrity Statement in it.
You have done an incredible job this semester, and the success of this plane landing will be dependent on your communication with the students!  I hope we can get them over the wall.  Please let me know if you have additional thoughts.  We can always make amendments.
Stay safe and ...
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