ACADEMIC RANKING AND LAUDE RECOGNITION Academic ranking and laude recognition of graduating seniors from Monroe County High Schools shall be determined by the following:

  • For purposes of communicating with college admissions offices and scholarships granting agencies, grade point averages (GPAs) will be calculated.
  • Laude recognition of graduating seniors will be determined by quality points based on the averaged grades for those courses in which credit is given. No non-credit class(s) or non-GPA classes will be used in determining grade point average. Grades through the third (3rd) nine weeks of the second semester of the senior year will be used for ranking through the class of 2019.
  • All grade point averages shall be figured to the nearest 10th of a point.
  • The weighted GPA will be calculated on all course work using the Monroe County Grading Scale. GPAs will also be calculated using the Tennessee Uniform Grading Scale for Lottery / Hope Scholarship purposes. Both the Monroe County Weighted GPA and the Tennessee Uniform GPA points will appear on the transcript.
  • Monroe County Schools will not rank students numerically. This policy will be in place for the class of 2019. Effective immediately for the class of 2019, Monroe County Schools will recognize the Laude system.
  • For the purposes of honors recognition Monroe County Schools will use the following Latin System:
    • 9 – 4.0: Summa Cum Laude (With Highest Honor)
    • 7 – 3.8: Magna Cum Laude (With Great Honor)
    • 5 – 3.6: Cum Laude (With Honor)
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