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Bachelor's Degree Tennessee Wesleyan 
Planning: 10:30  - 12:25
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If any of you need help with food, hygiene products, etc., please contact me or someone from the school.  We can and will help you.  Stay healthy!!

Co-Op Classes

Continue completing your weekly Attendance/Wage/Hour reports. 
If you do not have blank forms just write the information on notebook paper.
These are to be turned in when we return to school unless otherwise notified.
Stay healthy and hope to see you soon!!

Accounting II Assignments for Mar. 30 -- Apr. 4

You will find this week's class resources in google classroom. 
The Accounting II class code is qc6xrwv
As always, contact me if you have any questions.
I hope everyone is well and staying home. Let's get rid of this virus so we can get back to school!! 

Accounting II

While viewing the "Accounting Laws & Regulations" power point presentation, answer the questions (using notebook paper) found on the following files:

  1. Regulatory Agency
  2. Assessment

Also, referencing the same presentation, follow the instructions found on the file

     3.  Essay    

for writing a 5-7 paragraph essay. 

You should complete these learning opportunities by March 31. If necessary, new instructions will be posted at that time.

Email me at if you have any questions or need any help.  Hope to see you all soon!!