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The future

Ah, sweethearts, we are waiting to hear/see what the future may hold for us in Monroe County Schools.  Right now, be safe and get any work done on IXL or Google Classroom that has been assigned.  We are all making sacrifices to insure that our world is a safer place and that our loved ones and even strangers are healthy.  Please take care of yourselves!  And, as soon as we know, we will let you know what is happening at Sequoyah!

Algebra 2 work/ACT

Yes, I have assigned work on Google Classroom.  Even if we do not return to school soon, you must be prepared for the ACT.  Please consider taking the June test.  And yes, I know that you have been out of school.  But I, also, know that you have the opportunity to change your grades by completing old work and new work.  So go to Google Classroom and see what you need to do!!

Sorry folks!  But if you need my Google Classroom information please email me at my school email. 

Planning Period: 12:30-1:40