My name is Terri Greene, and I have been in the field of education for 27 years.   I earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Eastern Kentucky University.  I had a dual major in education: K-4 Elementary and K-12 Special Education in Specific Learning Disabilities and Emotional Disturbance.  I earned a Master of Science degree at University of Tennessee, Chattanooga in School Psychology and completed the School Leadership Program at UTC.  
 I teach students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in the Comprehensive Developmental Classroom at Sequoyah High School.  As you know, students in this classroom have Individual Educational Plans that are developed based on their academic, behavioral and transitional needs.  The overall goal of this classroom is to prepare each student to be productive and independent adults to the extent possible.   
In the event that students go remote, they will login to their account in Unique Learning and/or i-Ready.  Username and passwords have been sent home.  The Unique Learning website includes reading/language arts, math, life skills and current events.  When students login to Unique Learning System, there are icons on the page after signing in.  Clicking on the snowflake will take you to the reading/language arts, math (time and money skills are included in this section) and life skills.  Clicking on News2you will have current events and activities.  All information on the Unique Learning website is read to each student by having them click on the passages.  Some students use i-ready to provide extra practice in areas of skill deficits in reading and math.  Please have students work from both programs.  
In order to provide instruction in other areas, I've posted the class schedule in order to provide caretakers with ideas that can be done during the school day.  
It's important for students to get plenty of exercise.  They may enjoy a brisk walk, aerobics, playing basketball, soccer or any other type of physical activities.  YouTube has aerobics and exercise classes available free of charge.  Some of the ones we have done in class are Mari Windsor Pilates or Fast Walking with Leslie Sansone.  There are a number of ways to be active and this may be easily incorporated into the remote-learning day.
Second Period is a class called Core. This class consists of learning employability skills that include using a calendar, following a schedule, job and communication skills. Students may write and memorize personal information such as address, phone numbers, social security number and birthdate.  They may practice calendar skills by writing the date(month/date/year).  Have them write a daily schedule of what lesson/activity they will do, and the time they will do it.    
Third period is math which is done on the Unique Learning website and/or i-ready.  Students may also practice money and time skills.
Reading and Language Arts is done on the Unique Learning (this site includes the digital story assigned for that week),i-ready and Reading Plus.   Students are exposed to children's literature by viewing read aloud books on YouTube.  In class, we watch Story Time at Awnie's House where Awnie reads children's books. Students identify main characters, setting, main idea and summarize the story.  
LIfe Skills class teaches student daily living skills and self-help skills.  Students acquire or improve hygiene skills.  They are responsible for performing daily hygiene such as brushing teeth, applying deodorant, bathing, etc.  Students learn how to organize and put away materials, clean the bathroom or kitchen, sweep, mop, and vacuum.  These are very important skills that almost all students can learn.  At home, have students clean their rooms, take out trash, vacuum, dust, etc.