Mr. Steve Hall

BS Degree University of Tennessee, Knoxville
MS Degree Lincoln Memorial University
Courses Taught 2020-2021
Business Communications
Business Management
Introduction to Business and Marketing
Financial Planning
Planning Period
12:30-1:40 (Fourth Period)
Google Classroom Codes Spring 2021
First Period - Intro - Class Code ymt175d
Second Period - Intro - Class Code tykfo6x
Third Period - Management - Class Code lpg3wh3
Fifth Period - Management - Class Code kkh6jmc
Virtual Student Information Spring 21
Intro To Business students, you will be enrolled in Edgenuity. YOU WILL NOT NEED GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR INTRO TO BUSINESS.
Management students, you will be enrolled in ICEV Google Classroom. First, go to Clever. Then, click on ICEV. You should see a list ICEV classes that you are enrolled in.
ICEV is not used in all classes. ICEV is for CTE classes.
You should see a Business Management class related to your schedule. Check this and make sure you are enrolled in the Business Management ICEV class that you are scheduled for. Either third period or fifth period. 
I will be sharing all of your Business Management work through this link. You will be working on the same topics that in class students are working on. You will also collaborate with in class students using Zoom or Google Meet.
If you do not see your name listed in the enrollment, please email me at
Planning Period