Mr. Harris

Planning Period: 10:30-12:25
Welding Certificate from TCAT Athens
Education License ETSU
Industry Certification
Classes that I teach
Principles of Manufacturing
Welding 1
Welding 2
Dual Enrollment TCAT
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Class Syllabi
Principles of Manufacturing
This class is designed to provide studentswith exposure to various occupations such as Machining,Welding and develop an understanding of the general steps involved in the manufacturing process.Course content covers basic quality principles,cutting processes,hand and power tools,safety and career opportunities.
Welding1 is designed to provide students with the skills to perform cutting and welding applications.Students will develop proficiency in safety practices,joint designs,fabrication,basic shielded metal arc welding.Completion of this course students will be prepared for more advanced welding by taking the TCAT dual enrollment class.
Welding 2 is designed to provide students the opportunity to perform cutting and welding in construction and manufacturing industries.Students will be proficient in safety practices in welding,gas metal arc welding,shielded metal arc welding.These welding techniques are taught in the TCAT dual enrollment class.