Ms. Hovanic

Happy Week of April 6th Activities!  I hope you are doing well and have been out enjoying the sunshine--6-10 feet away from everyone else.  
We  are going to start a new unit today which will lead to the reading of a short novel by John Steinbeck.  The link for the pdf file will be sent out next week.
First Activity:
The setting for the novel is the Salinas Valley,  California.  The time period is  the 1930's which, as you know, was during the Great Depression. The following link is a 6'34" video titled "History Brief:  Daily Life in the 1930s."
After watching the video, write 10 bullet points  consisting of details you learned about the time period.
Then write two complete sentences.  The first will use domain speific vocabulary to orient the reader to the material. The  second will consist of what you learned that surprised you the most or was the most interesting thing you learned.
This assigment will be posted on our Google Classroom under the topic:  The Great Depression.
Classroom code is the same:  3izqmww
Second Activity:
The events of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl challenged the concept of the American Dream which we talked about in class before we read either The Pearl, or A Raisin in the Sun.  Some classes also read the Declaration of Independece which held that "all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, Lberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."  We discussed this as a foundation of the American Dream and each of you wrote your own personal American Dream.  I hope you kept your copy.
'The following is the link to a 5'55" video : "The Dust Bowl Episode" (an excerpt from a Ken Burns' film)
Write a one paragraph (1/2 page double spaced) objective summary of the video.  
Reminders:  Use domain specific vocabulary to orient the reader
                       No "you" or personal pronouns
                       Talk about events in chronological order
                        Keep objective tone
                        Last sentence should be a conclusion
You will need to some research to do the next part:
On the second half of the page write Cause:  (give the main cause or causes that created the Dust Bowl)
                                                                Effect:  (give the main effect or effects of the Dust Bowl)
The assignment will be posted on Google Classroom under the topic:  The Dust Bowl"
Classroom code is the same:  3izqmww
We lucked out on Spring Break weather, and I hope you were out enjoying it 6-10 away from the next person!
This week we are going to do, as close as possible, what I had planned for this week before our world surprised us with a historical event.  Beyond the activities, I hope you will each keep a journal of how you spent each day and the feelings and thoughts you experienced.  This is for you personally,  not to turn in.  
Special Info:  When you get work "returned," but "not graded," that means that I have given you feedback and made suggestions on your writing, but that you do not receive a normal grade.  Please review the feedback--that is where the learning takes place, right?
Monday, March 30, 2020
The following link is to an interview in which Malala Yousefzai  (pronounce it Mah -la-la You sef" sigh) has a conversation with Diane Sawyer.  Malala was close to your age when she was shot in the face by the Taliban.
Your activity for today is to watch the interview and then write an objective summary about it.  It should be about one half a double spaced typed page.
Reminders:  keep objectivity
                       no "you" or personal pronouns
                       everything counts
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
For today, create a chart with two columns.  On one side write what you know, or think you know, ( use bullet points) about Pakistan.    Take some time with this--you might have more ideas than you think at first.
Then  research.  Use credible websites--you know what to look for, right?  Find interesting facts, but 
also look at pictures of its cities and rural areas.  In the other column write (use bullet points) at least 10 things you learned that surprised you.  Type the chart so that you can turn it in to Google Classroom. 
Wednesday,  April 1, 2020  
I was going to say, "Free Day"  and then "April Fool's " but decided that might be too mean.
Sooooo:  For today,  
The following link is to the text of Malala's Nobel prize acceptance speech.  Remember that we read
Elie Wiesel's acceptance speech?   They both mention some of the same people--see if you can remember
which ones and let me know for virtual bonus points.  
After you read Malala's speech, go to youtube and type in the following:

Malala Yousafzai FULL SPEECH at NOBEL prize ceremony

Remember also that we  watched Elie Wiesel's speech and talked about the differences and similarities  between reading and watching.   That's what I want you to do now.    Using bullet points,  write 10 differences
or similarities between the two diverse media formats.  
Thursday, April 2 2020
The following proper nouns are used in Malala's speech.  Research and write two or three sentences about
each.  If you have the ability, include your favorite photo of Swat and Shangla.
Swat and Shangla
Boko Harem
Friday, April 3, 2020
Find a quote from Malala's speech where she talks about the teachings of Islam.  Write the quote and then your
comments about how it compares or contrasts with Christianity.  
Have a great weekend--and I hope to see you in May!
Happy Spring Break Everyone!
There are no official activities posted for this week.  However, for all of you, and especially those with
internet issues, it is highly recommended that you keep a daily journal during this historic event.
Yes, you all are part of history, and your journal will become part of history too.
Some of your emails are showing up in my junk folder , and even when I transfer them to the inbox,  I 
still am not able to respond with a message that is deliverable.   If you haven't heard from me, try emailing through the school gmail account.  
My internet is working better now, so that if I have not responded to your Google Classroom work, I should
be able to get that done this week.
We know there are confirmed cases in Monroe country now, so please protect yourselves and your family members by following recommended guidelines.  I want to see all of you back at school as soon as possible.
You are missed!
Activities:  Important Updates in bold italics.
Monday, March 16:  Finish essays if you have the needed materials.  If not, we'll finish up when we get back.
                          Then go to :
                                  and write a one page objective summary.  Typed: Double spaced, Times New Roman #12.
Tuesday, March 17:  Go to
                           and take all 4 parts of the ACT test.  This is a shorter version and will give you answers and explanations for the ones you miss.  Send me an email listing 5 bullet points of specifics  you learned from the English and Reading sections:
Wednesday, March 18:  Watch "Julius Caesar; Master of the Roman World and write a one page critique. Typed: Double spaced, Times New Roman #12.
Thursday, March 19: 
Play English vocabulary for 30 minutes.  You can choose the level that is challenging for you using the lines in the upper left corner.  Send me an email telling how many meals you provided.  400 grains of rice is a meal.
Friday, March 20:  
Take a virtual museum tour.  Go to our school and find the "Online Learning Contingency Plans."  Then scroll down to find the virtual tour line.  You can also access virtual zoo tours on your own.  Find one you especially like and copy the url with a short paragraph about why the rest of us should watch this also.  Typed:  Times New Roman #12.
Code for  Google Classroom  is 3izqmww so that your assignments can be uploaded.  
I really and truly do miss every one of you.  This is the best group of Sophomores ever!
Planning Period: 10:30-11:40