Mrs. Brittany M. Lynn

Background Information: Born and raised in West Virginia, I am a Tennessee transplant. I am married to a fellow teacher, I have three amazing children, and we have a yellow Dudley Labrador named Addie. I really enjoy the outdoors: hiking, reading in my hammock, camping, and boating. I also love FOOTBALL!!!!! WVU Mountaineers, UT Volunteers, and my Sequoyah Chiefs! CPOD!!
Carson-Newman University - currently working on Master's in Academic Leadership
Lincoln Memorial University, Knoxville Campus - Post-Baccalaureate in Education
Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee - BA in History, BA in Political Science,
                   Pi Sigma Alpha Honors Society, Kappa Psi Nu Sorority
New Life Christian Academy, Summersville, West Virginia
Classes I Teach:
English III Honors - American Literature and ACT Prep
English I - Freshman World Literature
How to Reach Me:
                                SQHS Phone Number 423.442.9230
                                Google Classroom: use your code on your or your child's syllabus to send me a
Planning Period: 11:10am - 12:25pm
Once Skyward is up and running, please feel free to contact me about any of your or your student's grades, questions you have about homework, or information! We know that these are difficult times for so many of us and if there is anything I can do, just call or email!


English I Week May 11-15

Well, this is goodbye! Here is your last post from me for this year!! I have something very simple for you to do this week. Learn something new about ballads, and then PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE fill out the teacher-student feedback survey for me. This survey is anonymous, so please fill out honestly.
1. Ballad exercise in your Google Classroom. Please complete that.

English I Week May 4-8

Hi, freshmen! A couple more weeks and you can start calling yourselves sophomores!! Here are your two REALLY simple assignments this week. And be on the lookout for the last assignment - I think all of you will really get a kick out of it.
1. Watch the video and then write a response in Google classroom about how the coronavirus has changed you. 
2. Email me the answer to this question: Where are my dishes?? LOL nobody but my students will be able to answer this question. So, email me two possible answers for that question. Use transitions between your two possible answers, formulate complex sentence structure, and sign off with a personal note.

Eng III Week Apr 27 - May 1

Sure do miss you guys. Please do not forget that you can Zoom with me every weekday morning at 9am. The link for the Zoom is in your StudentVue and also in your Remind.
1. Please complete the following IXL assignments: AMD and QTM. Both are concerning the understanding of inferences in reference to cause and effect structure in texts.
2. Watch this video about how fiction changes reality: ; then, fill out this Google Form and answer the questions: 

Eng I Week Apr 27-May 1

Hope all of you are doing well! We are going to focus on reading this week.
1. Please look at the two assignments on IXL about themes and inferences. Your Skill Codes are 6L5 and 2SP. If you have any questions, refer to the guided practice (just click immediately above your practice), call me, or sign into my Zoom meeting every weekday at 9 AM. The code for that Zoom is in your StudentVue and on Remind.
2. Listen to/watch the Crash Course Video on "How and Why We Read"
3. Log into Google Classroom and answer the questions in the assignment "Why We Read". Be sure to type your answers into the short answer response.  

English I Week Apr 20-24

I really hope everyone is getting adjusted to life at home and school online. Whatever you guys need I hope you know I am here for you. Don't forget to just keep in touch!! Sign up for Remind if you haven't done so already (Remind App @blynneng1) or email me at if you need me. Here are some distance learning assignments for the week. If you do not know how to do something, please contact me and I will help you!
1. Watch this video on creating the comparative and superlative adjectives:
2. Do these two IXL modules: TWF  WR7
3. Watch this news article/video on the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Take notes and then answer the response in Google Classroom titled "How One Year Changes Everything". GUYS, USE QUOTES FROM THE VIDEO TO SUPPORT YOUR ANSWER!!! And also, respond to one of your classmates' ideas/thoughts.

English III Week Apr 20-24

Hello, everyone! Here are your assignments for the week:
1. Turn in your essential questions. Afterwards, you do not have to do anything else with your novel for your research paper. If you have any questions about how to do research or write using MLA, transitions, and third-person critiques, please get those to me before next year's school and classes begin. I will help you up until that time :)
2. Watch the following videos on transitions and comma use:
3. Complete the following IXL assignments: UVF   HRP   E9P
4. Read and answer questions about the Lost Generation in commonlit: 
Again and as always, please call, text, or email me with any questions that you have. Love you guys!!

English III Week April 13-17

I am really looking forward to Zooming with all of you and your partners for your research info. Please do not forget to schedule that with me. 
1. Your essential questions should be answered by Friday and be ready to talk to me about where you want to go with your paper as far as a thesis statement.
2. Continue to work on IXL. I would like for you to focus on the following skill sets: 2XD (just click in the box and add the in-text citation BEFORE the period; be sure to look at the example given first!!!) and Q8K. 

English I Week April 13-17

Hello, everyone!! Guys, I am really missing you. This has been hard on this old woman. Here are your assignments for the week:
1. Watch the following video: 2. Please complete the following IXL sets: 2SP and XWU
3. Write a short response to my questions on Google Classroom entitled "What Matters In a Story?"
4. Watch the following video:
5. Complete the assignment in Google Classroom on "Textual Evidence"
Remember, even if you are having trouble, please attempt all assignments. We want to be ready for English II and if for any reason you have any questions, certainly call, email, or text me through Remind and I will get back to you!! Stay safe and healthy!

English III Week April 6-10

Happy Easter Week, juniors! Please complete the following assignments:
1. Complete the following IXL lessons: VE5   HE6   J6Z     We will have a Zoom on this Tuesday at 11am.
2. Continue reading your novel and have your Essential Questions answered by April 17.

Eng I Week April 6-10

Happy Easter Week, guys!! Here are your assignments for this week:
1. Please log in to your IXL account by logging in to StudentVue and then read the note attached to your assignment. Complete the assigned sections.
2. Watch the youtube video posted in your StudentVue and take the attached quiz in Google Classroom.