Mr. Lynn

Trevecca University - 2021 Masters Library Information Science
Lee University - 2006 Bachelors Degree of Science History, Political Science, Minor English
Tellico Plains High School - Graduate 1997
Classes Currently Teaching:
Tennessee History
Psychology (Dual Credit)
World History
How to Reach Me:
Phone:  SQHS 423-442-9230
Planning Period
Fifth Period, 1:40-2:40 p.m.
Head Coach - Track & Field
Any questions, feel free to email or visit the Sports page.


Fall 2021 Google class codes

Here they are!!  Make sure you copy and past them in!  
1st Period SDC Psych - vgkgiec
2nd Period SDC Psych - 2y2eftn
3rd Period SDC World History - p2lhgzt
4th Period SDC Psych - wnd3oaj

Google classroom Codes Spring Semester 2021

Psychology 1st Period - qi7rhtp
TN History 3rd Period - ts4uz4j
World History 4th Period - mzovju8
World History 5th Period - uyfubzg
Any questions, email me!

Homework, Monday, January 25

Sorry guys.  Google Classroom and I are NOT getting along. homework tonight.  But, there will be assignments Tue-Thurs.  No homework tonight.

Spring 2021 Google Classroom Codes

Here they are!!!  These are your keys to the amazing world of Google Classroom!!  If you are doing Edgenuity, YOU DO NOT USE GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR MY CLASS!!  Keep chuggin along in edgenuity!  Find your class period below and add it ASAP!!
Our first virtual day is Friday, January 15!!!  
Read the instructions for your assignments.
Psychology 1st Period - qi7rhtp
TN History 3rd Period - ts4uz4j
World History 4th Period - mzovju8
World History 5th Period - uyfubzg
Any questions, email me!

Virtual Day Work Due

Guy and Gals,  REMEMBER!!!!  Your work that assigned Friday, October 2, is due today AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS!!  Make sure you have it with you.

Virtual Students Please Read this!!!!

If you are a virtual student, which means you are using Edgenuity fpr your classes, YOU DO NOT DO GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  Google classroom is for the students that are in regular classes at school.  Your work is on Edgenuity.
Any Questions, let me know!

Friday, September 18 Virtual Day assignments Update!!

Alright guys, I updated the instructions for the assignments that were posted for Friday, September 18.  Make sure you go to your Google Classroom and see the updates.  If you have already finished the assignment in Word, you DO NOT have to redo the assignment.  Any questions, email me!

Virtual School Tech Support

Students who are Virtual.  If you need ANY tech support for Edgenuity, Feel free to call the Monroe County Schools Technology Department at
423-442-3297.  This is for Support with EDGENUITY!


If you are going the virtual path, DO NOT GO TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM!!  If you are a virtual student, DO NOT GO TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM!!!  Everything you do will be in Edgenuity.  You access Edgenuity through CLEVER. There, you will find your classes and lessons. For Check-in, you do not have to use Google Classroom or email me to let me know you are checking in.  My "Check-in time" is for you to be able to get in contact with me if you need help (Not an email, but actually talk to me).  Just make sure you are logging in to Edgenuity DAILY for attendance.    Any questions, feel free to email me.

Virtual School

Virtual students!!!  Monday, September 8, is when virtual begins.  Remember to visit each of your teachers pages and find out when you are to sign in.  Otherwise, you will be counted absent!!  Absences still count!!!  You will not see your virtual classes until September 8!!  Be ready!!

Virtual Orientation

To all my Virtual students, It is finally here!  Time to go virtual!!  On my page, you will find the info about me, including the orientation presentation.  Go over it.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me and i will get to you asap!  Also, watch this page in case there are any announcements or changes.  Good Luck!

Prepping for the Future

Just in case you have misplaced or something crazy has happened electronically, here are the class codes for my Google classrooms.  Please pay attention to what class you are needing!
TN History - cwgegby
Psychology - opnwkiw
World History 4th period - wi5bzoe
World History 5th period - uwck6e6
Any questions, let me know.

Monday, August 24, 2020

All assignments are due by 11:59 p.m.  They will be posted throughout the day.  Please check back often if your assignment isn't posted.

2020-2021 Google classroom codes

Google Classroom codes are posted in my classroom.  Make sure you have them written down correctly for your section!!

Google Classroom Codes

It's another school year!!  2020-2021! It's a new time for alot of us. We will be using Google Classroom hand-in-hand with the regular classes.  I will be posting here the Google Classroom codes and any other needed info for Tennessee History, Psychology, and World History.  
Check back often for any updates, announcements, and/or assignments!!!

Planning Period: 1:40-2:50 p.m.