Registration Information

This section is for CURRENT Sequoyah High School students only.   If you are a NEW student to Sequoyah please visit the following link:
The following papers are used to register for classes for the next school year.   If you have questions about the process please contact your guidance department.  Please note that registering for a class does not guarantee you will be placed in the class.  Classes are decided based on need for graduation, class sizes, and preference is given to seniors first, then juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.  Anyone who doesn't return this form within the deadline period will automatically have a class schedule built for them.  After the deadline, the only option for changing this schedule is to submit a schedule change request.  This too has a deadline and schedule changes are only granted if the following criteria are involved:  1) You have failed a class.  2) You have taken this class in the fall semester.  3) You are a Senior who needs a class to meet Graduation Requirements.  4)  There is a current health issue that requires a change in schedule.  5)  Inappropriate class placement (i.e.:  placed in the wrong grade level of English or Math).   6)  Duplicate Class.

The below link will take you through a presentation to help you make these decisions and answer any questions you might have regarding our school, registration, schedule changes, and much more.
Check out our How To Video for filling out your registration forms!  As always, if you have any questions please feel free to stop by guidance or email your counselor!