Mrs. Carol McKenzie

RTI at SQHS strives to support students as they transition from middle school to high school. 
COVID 19 UPDATE!!!     Due to the release of school due to COVID 19, I will be posting activities so that you can continue to practice reading and writing.  Learning does not need to be derailed.  Each assignment has options that do not require the internet or devices.  You will need to view the assignments on this webpage.If you complete the assignments, you can receive extra credit or a prize. Please bring completed tasks to class when we return.
Assignment 1: (March 17-20) The International Space Station 
Dear Students,
I hope that you enjoyed your spring break. I especially hope that you are well and practicing the Corona Virus guidelines for America. Be sure that you are practicing social distancing. One of the best ways you can do this is to STAY HOME! Even though you are young, you are at risk and your activities can put others at risk as well.
It is important for us to continue learning during these days off from school. During this week of March 30-April 3 I would like for you to begin keeping a daily journal. Please write about your feelings in this pandemic that has swept around the world. You probably have many feelings that could be expressed in your journal. Someday when you are an adult the words you have written will become very important to you. In addition I hope that you read everyday. Hopefully you have books and /or magazines or newspapers in your home. You can always read a book on your phone. If you own a Madisonville Public Library card you can use eReads to check out many books to read on your phone, tablet, or computer. If you are not sure how this works, please contact me, and I will be glad to help you.
It it is a beautiful day, and I hope you are enjoying being outside. East Tennessee is lovely this time of year.
I miss you!
On Campus 11:10 -1:40