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Raptor Visitor Management System

Raptor is a visitor management system that enhances school security by reading a visitor's driver license (or other approved state issued ID), comparing information to a sex offender database to alert school  administrators and local police if a match is found. Once cleared through the system, a visitor badge is produced that includes a photo, name of the visitor, date and time. 
Raptor compares state-issued ID information to a database that contains registered sex offenders from 50 states. In the event of a match, Raptor alerts designated school officials. No identified visitor with a positive 'hit' will be permitted in the building without an escort. 
Raptor helps our schools keep unwanted visitors out and tracks visitors that have been allowed in. By proactively alerting personnel to certain potential threats, Raptor allows school administrators and law enforcement personnel to take appropriate steps to keep the students, employees, and visitors safe. For valid visitors, the system also prints visitor badges that include the visitor's name, photo, date, and destination. Those badges enable personnel within the building to quickly determine if visitors are in areas where they should, or should not be. 
The safety of our students is our highest priority. Raptor will provide a consistent system to track visitors and volunteers while keeping away people who present a danger to students. The system quickly prints visitor badges that include a photo, the name of the visitors, time and date. 
Raptor is only scanning the visitors's name, date of birth and photo for comparison with a national database of registered sex offenders and any private alert at the school. Additional visitor data will not be gathered and no data will be shared with any outside company of organization. 
Vistors without a government issued ID can be approved entrances to school by providing last name, first name, and date of birth.
After the first scanning, the Raptor operator would simply find the visitor's name in the system and use the record of the previously-scanned ID to sign the visitor in and print a visitor's badge. This makes check in much easier after the initial visit.