Mrs. Taylor

BFA - Austin Peay State University
Teaching License - University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Planning:  4th Period: 12:30 - 1:40 pm

I love teaching visual art!  I think everyone has the ability to be creative.  Some just need a little guidance to get their confidence built up.  I also love providing students with a classroom that allows for fun, hands-on learning.  When I’m not teaching art I enjoy watercolor painting and cooking with my son, hiking, backpacking and camping with my husband, reading, and gardening.  We have several furry family members who we’ve rescued over the years.  One is a tiny special needs cat named Half Pint.  Another is an 80 lb beast named Cooper who thinks he’s a lapdog.  We also have a hamster that my son named Fluffy Butt Butt.  Ha!  And a golden crested gecko named Mr. Miyagi.  There is no end to the entertainment our house provides daily.  That’s a little about me.  :)

Classes that I teach at SQHS: 
Visual Art 1 and Visual Art 2
Visual Art 1 - 1st  9 Weeks Syllabus:
Visual Art 1 - 2nd 9 Weeks Syllabus:
Visual Art 2 - 1st 9 Weeks Syllabus: 
Visual Art 2 - 2nd 9 Weeks Syllabus: 
Google Classroom Codes:
1st Period:  rfkqzdf
2nd Period: 7dj3mll
3rd Period:  fdnu6s4
5th Period:  yrhoiuo
5th Period (Independent Study):  6kwkd5g