Mrs. Beasley

Bachelor's Degree  Tennessee Wesleyan 
Planning: 8:00 - 9:10
Please join Mrs. Beasley on Google Classroom. The code for English 4 is: tgzfux6   The code for English 2 is: nk43elg
Stay up to date on assignments and ask me questions as we work through this new normal of virtual learning! I miss all of you and hope you all are staying safe and are well!
Lessons for March 30-April 3, 2020  English 4 and English 2 only (Not included Dual Enrollment)! Do one chapter per day!
For each chapter submit, via Google classroom, ten vocabulary words you didn't know. Copy the sentence from The Pearl in which the word is used. Define the word you don't know and use it in your own sentence. After each chapter, also come up with five questions along with the answers to serve as chapter review.