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School Policies

It is the goal of Sequoyah High School to promote and develop good academic achievement and positive school citizenship.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly, courteous, and dignified manner.  
All students have a responsibility to know and comply with the policies, rules, and regulations of the District and its schools.  Students who violate the procedures and policies will be disciplined.
While the school procedures and policies attempts to be comprehensive, it is impossible for the school to anticipate every situation that may arise at school.  Administrators are given the authority to address any conduct not covered in the procedures and policies and are expected to use their judgment to assign appropriate consequences for misbehavior.  Administration has the authority to consider extenuating, mitigating or aggravating circumstances which may exist in a particular case of misconduct.  Administration will consider such circumstances in determining the most appropriate sanction.
Proper behavior applies not only to time in school, but to all school related functions.  The following are guidelines for student conduct:
1.  Students should not congregate in halls as this prevents a good flow of traffic.
2.  Students are to be in the classroom before the tardy bell rings.
3.  Once a student has arrived on campus, he/she will not be permitted to leave the school grounds without an excuse from the office or a call from home until the school day has ended.  All students must sign themselves out in the office when leaving school. Work based learning students leaving before their scheduled time must sign out on school sign out sheet, as well as the work based learning sign-out sheet.  Failure to check out of school properly will result in disciplinary action.
4.  No food or drink is to be taken out of the cafeteria area.
5.  Students shall no run or "horse-play" in the building or on school grounds.
6.  Students arriving before 8:00 a.m. will report to the cafeteria/gym (bus students, walkers, and drivers).  Students are to leave their cars within one minute of arriving on campus.
7.  Students must have a valid parking pass displayed in their car while parked in the student parking area.  Failure to do so will result in parking fines.
8.  No student will be permitted to go into the parking lot during school hours without a note from the office.
9.  Students are not to bring playing cards, dice, collectable cards, computer games, water guns, radios, I-pods, or any other electronic devices to school.  Cell phones are permitted, but must remain turned off unless given permission by a teacher or administration.  No gambling of any kind will be permitted. 
10.  During the lunch period, students must remain in the cafeteria until dismissed by the lunchroom monitor or supervisor.
11.  Students should not be out of the assigned area without a hall pass from the supervising teacher.
12.  Student couples should conduct themselves in a manner which is respectable for the school and the students.  No display of affection (such as holding hands, embracing, or kissing) will be permitted at school.
13.  Visitors are not allowed on campus unless they have been given permission from the office.  Students should not bring visitors or infants and small children to visit during any part of the school day.
14.  The faculty workrooms are off limits to all students!
15.  Students are not allowed to leave campus for lunch or have food delivered.
16.  No food or drink is permitted in class, including the library.
17.  Appropriate behavior should be exercised in the cafeteria at all times.  No cutting line is permitted.  The noise level in the cafeteria should be minimal.  No throwing of food or any objects is allowed.
18.  Cheating on any assignment or test will result in a zero on that assignment or test.
19.  Students shall not possess or use tobacco, alcohol, or drugs in any form on school premises or school buses.
Violation of any rules will result in disciplinary action.
Since future success is mandated by an attitude of respect, Sequoyah students will be expected to maintain a respectful manner toward all teachers and staff at all times.  Though disagreements will happen, students must handle these disagreements in a mature, professional manner.  Disrespect toward the teachers or staff will not be tolerated at Sequoyah High School.  Any disrespect to teachers or staff will result in disciplinary action.