Chief Among Chiefs

What is Chief Among Chiefs?


            The faculty & staff of Sequoyah High School want to recognize students who actively participate in areas outside of and in addition to the academic curriculum for their Leadership.


            To be recognized as a Chief Among Chiefs, students must earn a minimum of 100 points which are to accumulate over the student’s 4 years at Sequoyah High School.  An application documenting points earned must be submitted 3 out of 4 years.  70% of these points are to be earned by participating in approved organized activities and events at Sequoyah High School during the regular school year.  These activities/events are listed on the application.  The remaining 30% can be earned by participating in other approved community, school and charitable activities/events with proper documentation (see below). 


Students who reach 100 points (by the end of their senior year) will be recognized during a Senior Awards program and their picture will be placed in the hallway (outside of the library).  


Documentation for other approved community, school and charitable activities/events must include the following:  Time, date, location and name/title of event as well as a description of the student’s participation.  The individual who is responsible or who supervised this event must sign this documentation and provide contact information.