Ms. Debbie Tucker

Dear students, 
First, I want you to know I miss each one of you.  I hope you are well and enjoying time with your families.  Next week, I will be contacting each of you to see how you are doing, and let you know about learning opportunities and activities I have put together for you.  If there is anything you and your family need, please feel free to contact me.  You are in my thoughts and prayers. 
Ms. T 
In order to continue providing learning opportunities for my students,  I have put together activities.  Below, there are links for these activities. You may do as many as you like.  However, I would like for you to do at least 2 during the week.


Week of April 27 - May 1

Watch the video before doing the activities.

Agreement with Parts of a Whole, with "Doesn't" and "Don't"; Identifying Action Verbs; with Simple Subjects, with "Here," "There," and Questions, with "Or" and "Nor" Compounds, with Math, Money, and Time, with Collective Nouns, with Tricky Nouns, with Indefinite Pronouns, Which Part of the Compound Subject Agrees with the Verb?; and Which Part of the Collective Noun Subject Agrees with the Verb? (; (; and (

Writing Activity for April 20-24

After reading/listening  to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech, I Have a Dream," write a five paragraph essay about if you could make one thing (an item or a service) in the world free of charge to everyone, what would you choose and why? How would this change the world?

Youtube video

"I Have a Dream" is available at the following URL: