Computer Sci. Found. Evolution of cloud computing

This project will be completed in a slide presentation form with either Microsoft Power point or Google slides and emailed to me.  A handwritten rough draft is part of this grade that can be turned in later.  A photo taken of the rough draft and emailed to when project is complete is sufficient also.  This project will cover Standards 15, 16, 17, & part of 18. 
  • 5x7 rule no more than 7 -10 words of text
  • no more than 5 bullets per slide but at least 2 bullets on a slide. 
  • *insert hyperlinks on last slide of sources used *
  • spelling will be counted 
  • *pictures & graphics are encouraged*
  • due 11/30/20
Research the historical significant milestones that influenced the evolution of cloud computing.
slide 1:  title- evolution of cloud computing by: your name
slide 2: define cloud computing early influences internet etc.
slide 3 : visual graphic timeline 1960's - 2013 
slide 4: briefly describe the decade trends in bullets major impacts of technology, citing textual evidence
slide 5: if needed for description of decades
slide 6: continue
slide 7: stand. 16 -summarize cloud technology roles including 
slides 8-10: cloud computing customer, cloud service provider and cloud service partner
slides 11-14: stand. 17 - research the features and requirements of the four main deployment models for cloud technology: public, private, community, & hybrid
slide 15: INSERT HYPERLINKS of sources used!